If the topic is value for money, people say they spend five minutes reading a comic and then never look at it again.

If the topic is DRM, people insist that they want to keep every comic they buy forever with on-demand access at any time.

How can a character exist in the Marvel Universe but consider the idea of space adventures and talking raccoons to be fantasies? Somehow, Sam lives in world populated by superheroes but believes the very idea of them is completely impossible.

IGN.com review of Nova #1

This is my pet peeve for the morning. The character lives in a small town in Arizona, 2,441 miles from pretty much everything else that happens in the Marvel universe.  He’s hearing stories from his dad who’s been an alcoholic layabout for the kid’s whole life. He doesn’t disbelieve in superheroes as a concept, he disbelieves in the idea that that loser in the garage is a former member of an elite interplanetary black ops unit.

I mean, if they find incontrovertible proof that Bigfoot exists tomorrow, it’s not going to change my opinion on the Loch Ness Monster, let alone psychics or ghosts.  They’re different things.

(Anyway, not a bad comic. I’m not normally a fan of Jeph Loeb’s writing, and it’s a very decompressed story where the hero’s origin isn’t even really started by the end, but I like the character so far, and Ed McGuinness’s art is always fun.)

What’s a good way to treat depression or dementia?  Therapy?  Drugs?  How about a robotic baby seal?

Such a good short.